We're proud of the apps we've made, and it's where we started out - location-specific games and stories on PDAs (the precursor to the iPhone). They range from a sublime audio tour of Bath, walking in the footsteps of Jane Austen, to a devlish treasure hunt around London and a beautifully simple iPad app for children.

We have 'off the shelf' type apps, like the festival one we did for the Bristol Big Green Week, the audio tour and the treasure hunt. Or we can make something bespoke, from scratch, like we did recently for Planet Afryca.

The Chancellor's Gold app
Afrycanimals quiz and puzzle app for Daktari Productions
Bristol Big Green Week festival app
The Jane Austen Tour of Bath app
The Bristol Blitz app walking tour of Bristol's old city
Ship Aground app created for the National Trust
Victorian game and story around Bristol Harbour
The Chancellor with his gold